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Sciaria (fungus gnats)

Bradysia is the main genus encountered in the glasshouse.

Fungus gnats of the genus Bradysia differ from the Scatella fly in having a slender body, long legs, a sloping stance and shiny triangular wings. The larvae attack young or weakened plants.

They devour the rootlets and if the population grows very large may feed on the corm.

Biological control of the larvae by means of nematodes gives very good results.


  • Introduction
  • Identification
  • Life cycle and general description of fungus gnats
  • Damage caused to growing plants
  • How fungus gnats spread
  • Prevention
  • Biological control
  • Manual removal
  • Chemical control


This advice sheet is based on the methods used at the SCEA at Montourey (Fréjus, France). These procedures may need some modification to adapt them to other climatic situations. Before starting to grow cyclamen there needs to be a review of precautions against pests and diseases.   We must point out that our advice and suggestions are offered for information purposes and therefore cannot include any guarantee of specific results; it is a good idea to carry out trials beforehand.


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