UK Catalogue Morel 2022-23

I 21 FEEL FREE TO CONTACT OUR TECHTEAM (ALL QUESTIONS ARE WELCOME) TECHNICAL SUPPORT AT HAND: Our technical advisors are available to offer you personalized support during all phases of cultivation with connected measurement tools. Data loggers allow you to respond to unforeseen events with minimum delay. A great help for decision making thanks to the control of essential cultivation parameters, such as: • Temperature (ADT) • Light (PAR) •Watering (water sensor) • Humidity (RH% dew point) • Fertilizer This technical cooperation over time is a real POSITIVE POINT for the success of your crop... VIDEOCONFERENCING: Relevant technical matters are discussed throughout the growing process. Advice is given in your language by the person in charge of your area. Videoconferences are an opportunity to discuss and share on a personal level. Learn about the three topics covered in 2021: • Rooting stage • Light management • Moisture monitoring Documents and recorded video calls available on request. RAD PAR RH AIR TEMP Eric FORSCHELEN Johan HUISMAN Luigi VASARRI Kazu KUBO Joan VERGÈS Fell free to contact our Techteam on our website: