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Espacio profesional | Noticias | Morel cyclamen in «The Sun»

Noticias : Morel cyclamen in «The Sun»

London – October 2014


A joyful day for horticulture!

Peter Seabrook, a well-known journalist (BBC, Sun/Saturday Gardening…) celebrated his jubilee.

60 years of passion for the plant world! 50 years in journalism, and 37 years as gardening editor of The Sun.

Remarkable presentation

Support from all the horticultural trade was superb as the latest innovations and novelties from Europe, Australia, USA and Japan were displayed.


Thumbs up for Morel cyclamen

Gerbera Sweet Honey, Sunpatiens coral, begonias… Morel cyclamen were part of his favorites.

Fantastic plants were grown by JB Plants of Mere, Wiltshire.


Long life and Hooray to Peter Seabrook, may enthusiasm continue!


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