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Cyclamen persicum and wild cyclamen

Cyclamen Persicum

For use on a terrace, in flower-boxes, hanging baskets ... or in beddings:

Persian cyclamen or persicum Morel (annual varieties)

1. Protected location (sheltered from wind, heavy rain, etc.)

2. Survive the first frosts (-3/-4°C ; 24/26°F)

3. Prolonged flowering (3/4 months)

4. Very extensive range of colours with reds, purples, flame,
    bi-coloured, fringed...

Tianis® cyclamen
Metis ® cyclamen
Metis ® cyclamen
Salmon silveleaf
Wild cyclamen

For use in the undergrowth:

Small botanical cyclamens (perennial varieties, rustic)
Type Coum, Naples or Hederifolium, Graecum, Repandum, Europaeum....

In general the botanical species flower beautifully over a fairly short period maybe 3 to 4 weeks on average (spring or autumn/winter depending on the species), the flowers are small.

Cyclamen coum
Cyclamen graecum
Cyclamen cilicium

Thanks to Pépinière Ellebore for the use of the images of wild cyclamen

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