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Vertical garden

Step by step

1. Cut holes in the coconut fibre all around the hanging basket for the Metis® mini cyclamen

2. Take the mini cyclamen out of their pot and place them horizontally

3 & 4. Refill the hanging basket 3/4 of the way with compost

5. Arrange the structural plants (Grasses), then the mini cyclamen and lastly the flowering plants and foliage (Heather and Ivy), cover with compost

6. Example of a hanging basket made with 12 Metis® mini cyclamen, 3 Ivy plants, 3 Grasses and Carex and 2 Heathers

Tips to make the pleasure last:

Place in mid-shade

Shelter from rain and prevailing winds

Avoid water excess, keep the soil slightly moist

Cyclamen endure the first frosts without any problem (-2°C / 28°F)

Remove any damaged leaves or flowers by pinching gently

Fertilise regularly with fertilisers for flowering plants

Questions / Answers
Find the answers to all your questions in order to better care for your cyclamen.
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