Présentation | Morel Cyclamen awarded as a National Collection by the CCVS!

Morel Cyclamen awarded as a National Collection by the CCVS!

Passing on a heritage...

Guy Morel, Cyclamen breeder, with his daughter Héloïse (4th generation)

Guy Morel, Cyclamen breeder, with
his daughter Héloïse (4th generation)

Since 1919, our family history has been closely linked to our passion for the Cyclamen. In almost a century, four generations have succeeded each other at Morel!
The selection of cyclamen is our core competence, as reflected by our standard and fancy varietal creations. Over the years of experience and hard work, we have accomplished an excellent breeding on the varieties, some of which are well-known worldwide. Furthermore, we meticulously work to conserve seeds of different origins.
From this precious past, we are today pleased to present a complete collection of F1 hybrid cyclamen. The labelling of this collection by the CCVS represents a turning point, that of our commitment to preservation of the environment and varietal diversity.

CCVS, guarantor of biodiversity


Each year, many horticultural varieties disappear; this is why the CCVS was created in 1989, on the initiative of a few scientists and passionate amateurs, to combat the loss of species and thereby encourage biodiversity. The role of the CCVS is to evaluate and register botanical and horticultural collections and to award them with a label according to different criteria.

A national collection, on which criteria?

Our national collection has been evaluated according to excellence criteria established by the charter of collections of the CCVS:

An exclusive collection: it is composed of varieties we create and breed only ourselves. The varieties' tolerance to heat and their vivid colours constitute our "trademark"!

Rich and representative: 200 varieties of F1 Morel Breeding hybrids in 6 series: Halios®, Latinia®, Premium, Tianis®, Metis®, Smartiz®: flowers with standard colours as well as a large assortment of original forms, including Fantasia® (bicolour petals), Curly® (fringed petals), Victoria (petals adorned with a coloured crest), Origami® et Friola® (very special flowers), Décora (leaves with a silver edge), Falbala® (fringed and fragrant petal), Abanico® (fringed and bicolour petals) make up, among others, our Cyclamen collection.

Nomenclature: each variety of the collection is listed by type, colour, quantity of seeds available, date of creation, photo identification.

Sustainability : the long term sustainability of our collection is ensured through the duplication and conservation of parental genetic lines by different methods.

Made in France : Morel Cyclamen are selected and then produced in a unique location in the South of France (Fréjus) which allows for an irreproachable quality control of the varieties obtained throughout the production chain.

Labelling: following the visit of our collection by the Scientific Council of the CCVS last autumn, the Collections Committee pronounced the labelling of Morel Cyclamen for the next five years as a Collection of National Interest, the best label in this field!

The 6 series

179 varieties put on the market since 1989!
An unrivalled creativity for the great satisfaction of cyclamen lovers.


14 references

Smart & Easy


43 references

The miniature cyclamen, excellent in both greenhouse and garden.


22 references

The midi cyclamen for garden, balcony and terrace.


10 references

The ideal cyclamen for highly visible beddings.


30 references

The COMPACT cyclamen with LARGE flowers.


77 references

The largest choice among the standard cyclamen types with large flowers.

Morel, creator of innovations!

The first FANTASIA® F1 came on the market in 2005, with a brand new flower shape, original two-tone contrasts. These Fantasia® varieties bring diversity and invigoration to the supply.