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Morel Creativity

Our passion for cyclamen lasts since 3 generations. Discover our creations, brand new metamorphoses of an astonishing flower. New forms, in bright or soft colour shades, and remarkably strong.


Do you want colour and vitality indoors? Bright and fresh flowers, shimmering colours and long flowering, the cyclamen has been revised. Let yourself be tempted.


Once a (very) sober indoor plant, the Persian cyclamen is now also just as happy as an interior decoration as on a balcony, on a window sill in the autumn, or in sheltered beddings. Don't wait to find out.

  • Midi cyclamen Tianis® White
    Elegance, purity, modernity. Midi cyclamen Tianis® White
  • Cyclamen Latinia® Dark magenta
    Bordeaux noteworthy bouquet! Cyclamen Latinia® Dark magenta
  • Cyclamen CURLY® Light pink with  red eye
    Lace effects! Cyclamen Halios® CURLY® Pink with a red eye
  • Mini cyclamen Metis® Red
    Bright, ruby red, it's party time! Mini cyclamen Metis® Red
  • Cyclamen Halios® DHIVA Salmon
    Precious petals, satin elegance. Cyclamen Halios®®DHIVA Salmon
  • Mini cyclamen Metis® Purple
    Natural freshness. Mini cyclamen Metis® Purple

Questions / Answers

Find the answers to all your questions in order to take better care for your cyclamen

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  • How should I water my cyclamen?
  • Is it possible to keep a cyclamen in a pot from one year to another?