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Refinement and elegance

The return of the Persian cyclamen!

Sumptuous shades combined with refined containers make your interior look modern! Contrast between the structured silhouette of the cyclamen and the smooth purity of glass. More generous, more flowers, cyclamen aren't what they used to be!

Cyclamen Halios®
Cyclamen Latinia® Purple
Cyclamen Halios® White
Cyclamen Halios® Lilac

Green Finger Tips

For a long flowering period:

1. Place your cyclamen in a clear and cool place
2. water lightly without soaking
3. remove the dead flowers to encourage new buds
4.give a little fertiliser for flowering plants ...

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Questions / Answers
Find the answers to all your questions in order to better care for your cyclamen.
  • Inside the house, are certain places to be preferred or avoided when choosing where to put my cyclamen?
  • How should I water my cyclamen?
  • Is it possible to keep a cyclamen potted from one year to the next?