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The cyclamen is a plant from the primrose family. There are about 20 species. The most widespread species is Cyclamen persicum, called "Persian cyclamen". It is the most cultivated by gardeners and the one we find at florists' and in garden centres.

Cyclamen persicum is originally from the area surrounding the Mediterranean. It was introduced in France in the late 16th century. In the 19th century the first hybrids appeared, with many more shades and bigger flowers.

You should not confuse the Persian cyclamen with the botanical species, which flowering period lasts less: Cyclamen hederifolium, called "from Naples", Cyclamen coum and Cyclamen europeum. The above are sold in the form of bulbs and generally intended for planting in the wood's undergrowth.

The varieties called F1 hybrids represent the result of the combination of the best agronomic features. They are the best guarantee of quality for the consumer: more resistant plants, more abundant and long-lasting flowering. In 1989, Guy Morel succeeded in obtaining the varieties Halios®and Latinia®, for our greatest pleasure.

Journey through history. Journey through history.
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