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Seed production

Our company has chosen to keep all its production in Fréjus, a traditional agricultural and vegetable production area. The production team members have developed a unique and particular know-how.

Supplemented by frequent training courses, expertise in cyclamen seed production is at the heart of the profession.

Pollinisation of cyclamen

Fruit in development

Open pod

Pollination and harvesting

This requires a thorough job, totally performed by hand. At the intersection of science, crafts and nature, the precise movements of the workers are the same as bees at work.

The harvesting of seeds takes place form March to June.

Storage and packaging of seeds

After the harvest, our laboratory team takes over from the production team at this stage. Bulk and retail packaging are available for customers



Germination tests

The germination of each variety is checked 3 times:
we perform a triple check each season: independent laboratory, Morel laboratory, greenhouse tests in actual growing conditions.

Systematic checks are repeated annually according to the international standards ISTA in force in the profession. ISTA Standards:http://www.seedtest.org/en/home.html

The results are available to our clients.

The 6 series

179 varieties put on the market since 1989!
An unrivalled creativity for the great satisfaction of cyclamen lovers.


14 references

Smart & Easy


43 references

The miniature cyclamen, excellent in both greenhouse and garden.


22 references

The midi cyclamen for garden, balcony and terrace.


10 references

The ideal cyclamen for highly visible beddings.


30 references

The COMPACT cyclamen with LARGE flowers.


77 references

The largest choice among the standard cyclamen types with large flowers.

Morel, creator of innovations!

The first FANTASIA® F1 came on the market in 2005, with a brand new flower shape, original two-tone contrasts. These Fantasia® varieties bring diversity and invigoration to the supply.