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In Frejus

For more than 20 years, varietal trials, which take place in November in Fréjus (France), bring together more than 400 varieties of F1 hybrid cyclamen (event reserved for professionals).

Varietal trials

Visitors can evaluate:

  • the behaviour of new varieties
  • the earliness
  • maintaining of lines

Outdoor trials

The outdoor trials in Fréjus take place in the same period and allow our cyclamen to be re-tested in more extreme conditions in order to find out:

  • their resistance to rain
  • their resistance to cold
  • the lifespan of different varieties of flowers

Measurements are taken from October to February.

The results of these trials are available on request.

Production trials in the Netherlands

The production trials, take place in The Netherlands, for two weeks in October. They demonstrate the behaviour of our 6 F1 hybrid series in a different climate (Northern European type).

For these trials, over 45 000 plants are produced each year, a full table per variety, presented in a glasshouse of 3000 m2.

Visitors can judge:

  • the performance of the varieties
  • the reliability of the colours
  • the homogeneity of our genetics

The 6 series

179 varieties put on the market since 1989!
An unrivalled creativity for the great satisfaction of cyclamen lovers.


14 references

Smart & Easy


43 references

The miniature cyclamen, excellent in both greenhouse and garden.


22 references

The midi cyclamen for garden, balcony and terrace.


10 references

The ideal cyclamen for highly visible beddings.


30 references

The COMPACT cyclamen with LARGE flowers.


77 references

The largest choice among the standard cyclamen types with large flowers.

Morel, creator of innovations!

The first FANTASIA® F1 came on the market in 2005, with a brand new flower shape, original two-tone contrasts. These Fantasia® varieties bring diversity and invigoration to the supply.