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Research, Breeding and Hybridisation

The result of 3 generations passionate work on cyclamen.

Guy Morel

Until 1975, Charles MOREL performed traditional selection using the "mass" method. Then his son Guy, an ENITH engineer, experimented with modern research methods to obtain F1 hybrids (First Generation). The first Ch. Morel F1 hybrids were introduced in 1989.

Results of long and thorough research followed by selection, grown in most difficult conditions, these new cyclamen have far superior performance than the traditional varieties also known as OP (Open Pollinated).

Each of the Morel varieties is the fruit of 8 to 10 years of work.

Our research is carried out in the South of France, in a hot and sunny climate, more demanding for the selection of cyclamen. Furthermore the choice of the lines is made according to several criteria such as the floriferousness, originality, intensity of the colours, the plant's habit but also on the resistance to heat. This allows us to develop varieties which are particularly valued for their robustness.

We are constantly looking to integrate new aesthetic and agronomic features in our genetics. Our goal is to create new varieties that are adaptable to the modern growing techniques with constant concern for environmental respect and preservation of genetic biodiversity.

The thousands of crossings now made represent an exceptional heritage of cyclamen of all sizes, shapes and colours. The seed production is performed over 3 hectares of greenhouses.

A few examples of Morel creations

These "Fancy" varieties diversify and invigorate the supply. They provide a constantly enriched assortment for consumers. They are added to the assortment of all the basic colours (red, white, purple, pink, salmon, magenta,....)

The 6 series

179 varieties put on the market since 1989!
An unrivalled creativity for the great satisfaction of cyclamen lovers.


14 references

Smart & Easy


43 references

The miniature cyclamen, excellent in both greenhouse and garden.


22 references

The midi cyclamen for garden, balcony and terrace.


10 references

The ideal cyclamen for highly visible beddings.


30 references

The COMPACT cyclamen with LARGE flowers.


77 references

The largest choice among the standard cyclamen types with large flowers.

Morel, creator of innovations!

The first FANTASIA® F1 came on the market in 2005, with a brand new flower shape, original two-tone contrasts. These Fantasia® varieties bring diversity and invigoration to the supply.