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Tips for growing cyclamen during summer

  Standard plants Compact plants
North N/P2O5/K2O
1 / 0.7 / 2
1 / 0.7 / 3
South N/P2O5/K2O
1 / 0.7 / 2
1 / 0.7 / 4

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Tips for planting cyclamen in beddings

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Which Morel cyclamen varieties for which use?

Go for fancy varieties! Surprise passers-by with VICTORIA (2 available colours), or VICTORIA mixed with Purple or Magenta varieties. For a mixture with silver leaves: 4 colours, Magenta, Persian Rose, Purple or Salmon.

For a flashy and fancy effect, TIANIS® provides in its range FANTASIA® varieties with very contrasted bicolour flowers. They combine with pure white recalling the well-marked white hem of the FANTASIA type. The dark colour at the centre of the flower enhanced by the white edge gives the possibility of obtaining luminous beds, even in the undergrowth, in a darker location, even visible at nightfall. Excellent strength and robustness.

A remarkable red, and extraordinary flame mix, with very intense colours, enhanced by a white edge.

Top choice for the standard colour intensity or for originality and the flash contrast of FANTASIA® varieties.

One or more large magnificent subjects in a nice planter in an entrance or hall of a public building, and an effect is guaranteed.


Today, you may find the FANTASIA® varieties among nearly all the Morel series.

Good to know: with FANTASIA® flowers, we guarantee maximum shelf life of the plant, as well as long-lasting flowers within the plant.

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