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Production of mini-cyclamen

Production of mini cyclamen

Pots of 5.5 to 10cm diameter are most often used. Climatic conditions are exactly the same as for the larger-flowered cyclamen.

> Growing mini cyclamen

Growing mini cyclamen differs only a little from growing ordinary ones; the differences are essentially concerned with the choice of growing medium and levels of fertiliser given. These considerations are closely connected with the smaller size of pot used to grow the plants in.


We should point out that the term ‘mini cyclamen’ covers various cultivars with true miniature features, which have to be grown in small pots of a maximum diameter 5.5 to 10cm.


We shall not here be covering again the growing techniques for “normal” cyclamen which have been dealt with in the Growing Advice section. Here we are just concerned with the particular features of mini cyclamen.



This advice sheet is based on the methods used at the SCEA at Montourey (Fréjus, France). These procedures may need some modification to adapt them to other climatic situations. Before starting to grow cyclamen there needs to be a review of precautions against pests and diseases.   We must point out that our advice and suggestions are offered for information purposes and therefore cannot include any guarantee of specific results; it is a good idea to carry out trials beforehand.


Production of mini-cyclamen :

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