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News : A medal at Innovert competition!

Halios® CURLY® Violet liseré récompensé

Our new Halios® CURLY® Purple with edge has been awarded during the Innovert competition in Salon du Végétal taking place in Angers (France) - February 2012.

« CURLY® Purple with edge » (N°2595)  broadens the fancy range of Halios®, with a new generation of large fringed flowers called CURLY®, offering both density and volume. The leaves are small, well staged, the structure of the plant is very solid.

Pot size 14 to 16 cm (5.5 - 6.25’’) up to 22 cm (8.5’’). This variety can easily produce extra-large plants.


Innovative criteria

- the combination of shape and colour of the petal,new unique colour  100 %stabilized in this F1 hybrid variety
- solid and thick stems, well centered in the plant
- compactness of the plant: many small leaves nicely ordered, round habit
- very floriferous variety, strong re-flowering capacity


Interest for the market

-This innovation expands the range of fringed varieties with a very unique genetic.
-The white edge brings out the delicate fringe and forms a stunning contrast with the purple colour.
- Good color life span for the consumer.
- Long lasting plant
- Compact and robust genetic, ideal “gift plant”.


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