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The INDIAKA® range

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Indiaca is a ball game similar to volleyball that’s played using your hands and feet.
The flashy feathers in the game bring to mind the energetic colours of the INDIAKA® cyclamen. Sure to raise a smile!

The advantages of the series

  • Long-lasting bloom tested and approved by professionals (floraholland)
  • «Flashy» colour contrasts
  • Generous blooming
  • Original contrasts
    The two-tone colour acts differently depending on the environment: some petals have an horizontal spread, some are more colourful at the top or are striped so the flowers come in a range of multiple looks.
Cyclamen INDIAKA® Salmon OUTstanding cyclamen®



Cyclamen INDIAKA® Rose OUTstanding cyclamen®



Cyclamen INDIAKA® Bright purple OUTstanding cyclamen®


INDIAKA® Bright purple

Cyclamen INDIAKA® Magenta OUTstanding cyclamen®


INDIAKA® Magenta

Cyclamen INDIAKA®

Growing data

Cyclamen INDIAKA®

View the INDIAKA® leaflet

INDIAKA® Cyclamen - The game behind the name

INDIAKA® Cyclamen - Care tips for busy gardeners

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