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Production of mini-cyclamen

Choice of pots

Pots are chosen according to the size of plant desired in view of market customs and consumer preferences.

> The choice of pots

The size of pot should suit that of the plant it holds. Besides the aesthetic imbalance and lack of harmony of an oversized pot, it will also encourage the development of an abundant mass of foliage while the flowers will remain small: this can only add to the poor looks of the plant.

Pots of 8 or 9cm diameter have by now shown that they can perform perfectly well; and these plants can be grown even in pots as small as 5.5 or 6cm. Terracotta and plastic are the two materials that can be used.


This advice sheet is based on the methods used at the SCEA at Montourey (Fréjus, France). These procedures may need some modification to adapt them to other climatic situations. Before starting to grow cyclamen there needs to be a review of precautions against pests and diseases.   We must point out that our advice and suggestions are offered for information purposes and therefore cannot include any guarantee of specific results; it is a good idea to carry out trials beforehand.


Production of mini-cyclamen :

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