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Production of mini-cyclamen

Transplanting and potting up

In the case of mini cyclamen, pricking out is done directly into the final pot so as to encourage the production of many leaves.

> Transplanting - potting up

The transplanting stage is generally dispensed with. The young plants are potted up directly into their final pots. This is done approximately 120 days after sowing, when the 7-leaf stage should not yet have been reached.

When transplanting is done, it is done 80 days after sowing, at the 3- or 4-leaf stage, in multicell trays of suitable shape and size.


During this operation care must be taken to place the tuber so that it is only just beneath the surface. Slightly later in its growth it will be half uncovered. This should not be done too soon, however, for fear of provoking a hardening of the tuber. It is also essential to take care not to damage the roots.


The temperatures required are the same as for cyclamen of normal size.

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Production of mini-cyclamen :

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